Goretti Stylist and Shoe Design History


Goretti Studio Design, founded by Giuliano Goretti, well-known stylist and designer, in 1970, has been for years a landmark in the national and international footwear scenario.

Following the continuous market transformations the Studio faced many experiences in sport articles (strobel processing ) and casual-fashion sector.

Just in this period (1981-1995 ) Claudio Goretti, young stylist and designer, joins the company and becomes, at just twenty years old, Managing Director.

He is daily in contact with important industrial and productive realities, learns all the secrets of the job and starts the development of his own collections of sport and casual articles, giving them a touch of originality and innovative style thanks to his passion of sportsman.

But all this is just the begin of a new adventure and new challenges; the markets are in permanent evolution, continuous changes and transformations shake the international world of Fashion and Design, so the stylist successfully open up new emerging markets to give the studio a real international dimension.

The stylist starts constant participations to the main National and International Fairs, exhibiting his collections, obtaining approval everywhere and establishing important collaborations with some of the main International Brands like ADIDAS, HI-TECH, SKECHERS, TIMBERLAND, GUESS, GANT and many others.

Today, after 45 years of history, “GORETTI STUDIO DESIGN” can proudly declare of being a landmark in the international Shoe and Sole Design scenario.