Technique and Laboratory


Goretti Studio Design, from A to Z, from the idea, the creative process, his execution, to the final project. We give shape to our and your ideas, this has always been our motto.

How a sample shoe or a sole is made? The idea is the source from whose all the process was born, it starts from the sketch, mostly realized by hand on paper, but also drawing directly on the modern Design Monitor Tablets, it proceeds then analyzing the various phases of it and studying the colour and material combinations.

Defined the new project, we proceed now to develop the physical model drawing his essential lines on the last and studying carefully the details and the stilystic curves.

The last, scanned and imported inside the PC thanks to a last generation Laser Scanner, will be used to project our new sole around it and his real volumes, sole that, projected in 3D, will be delivered to the customer or to the mold maker with all the rendered 3D views and with a CD that will contain the native File in Iges or STL format, ready to be prototyped.

At this point we pass to the draw out of the pattern pieces that compose the upper model designed by us and, thanks to the help of the most modern and sophisticated CAD-CAM systems, we realize the various graded, the technical cards, the cut leather calculation and we study in details the stitching and skiving phases.

Now our model is ready for the next step, the cut, realized using the best leathers and the most selected textiles thanks to the partnership of the Studio with the best Italian companies of the sector.

We proceed then to the stitching of the Sample pair, that, once completed, will be ready for the exposition inside the private Show Room of the studio and in the main national and international Fairs. Our initial idea is now reality!

Everything is realized with the most modern and sophisticated Cad Cam 2D-3D technologies and the last generation Softwares that allow us to import and export in every moment and in real time any new 2D-3D project be it model, sole, last or accessory and send it to our customers in any part of the world and in any format they require.

TEAM young and dynamic but at the same time experienced and reliable daily projects, elaborates and realizes new technical and stylistic solutions, always in line with the young trends of the moment, taking care of the deepest shades and innovating the various issues.