Offered Services

List of the Services We Offer

- Analysis and shoe market research
- Handmade sketches and designs of the shoes
- Realistic shoe design through computer
- Realistic sole design through computer
- Color study and material coupling
- Accessory study and creation
- Cutting and grading of the models
- Technical card and material expenditure
- Cutting, bordering and mounting
- Control and stamp of the pieces
- Shoe Prototypes Realization
- Sample Collections Realization

Kind of Shoes We Propose

- Man sportive and technical sportive
- Man casual and vintage
- Man classic and new classic
- Man fashion and trend fashion
- Man young-trend & Streetwear
- Lady sportive and technical sportive
- Lady casual boots, shoes and ballet shoes
- Lady vintage boots, shoes and ballet shoes
- Lady young-trend fashion
- Boy and girl sportive and technical
- Boy and girl fashion e trend fashion
- Boy and girl young-trend

New Collections for commission or for anything you might need and / or customization go to page

The Studio, thanks to his experience, offers different services to satisfy every demand of the companies which need to distinguish and consolidate or find their space in the shoe market all over the world: shoe market research, pencil sketch designs, computer graphic, projection and realization of prototypes and/or collections ready for the production.

Commission New Collections

It's possible to commission to our studio new shoe and sole collections. We will provide you a complete service, you can choose models to realize between the designs and subsequently realize samples from them. We will provide you the sample shoe (complete in everything), one plastic last, one sole and one pattern model with technical design and the pieces of the model to realize again the sample shoe. For an estimate contact us.



Visit our Show-Room online

Through the access to our website you can visualize all our shoe, design and sole project collections. Buying one of our tickets you will receive your password of personal access, that will allow you, through a reserved area, to  always visualize all our creations, with also the possibility to buy and /or personalize every work. For info about prices and modalities of utilization contact us.