Search Shoes Trends


Goretti Shoe Design is: knowledge of the main international markets, thanks to a constant and consolidated experience in the Shoe Design background.

Continuous search shoes trends and analysis of the national and international markets, a constant presence and an archive of photos realized in the shop windows of all the world allow the studio to advise and suggest the more updated fashion trends.

The presence on the main internet sites dedicated to the study of the continuous changes, styles and evolutive processes of the young fashion allows to the Fashion Design department a constant and detailed update on how to operate in the development of new collections suggesting themes, colours, materials and accessories. 

Vast and continuous selection of materials and accessories thanks to the consolidated collaboration with the main national (made in Italy) and international providers with the purpose to provide our customers with a correct choice of them according to trends, target and allocated budget.

Goretti search shoes trands is the ideal partner for all the companies that want to appear with success on new markets spreading and affirming their own brand and style.